Jodie + Steve


Jodie & Steve's wedding was definitely not your average wedding, it all began at the Umina surf live saving club on the central coast.  We expected torrential rain for this wedding day, it had been bucketing down for the past four days all the way up until we pulled into the surf club. when Jodie arrived and hopped out of the limo it magically stopped. Although it looked like it could pour at any moment, luck was in our favour and it held off for the rest of the day.

Shortly after the ceremony was finished we headed to the beach to take some portrait shots. Jodie & Steve danced around on the beach, their children by their side with love in their eyes. Instead of taking some 'traditional' photos, Jodie & Steve suggested that we head to the playground for some fun shots with their kids, I couldn't have asked for a better shoot, just take a look for yourself!

- Steven